From The Other Side Of The Pond

I received this Book as a Christmas Present right after it was published. I had always loved Nigella Lawson's no-fail and practical yet sensual and delicious approach to food. But I had initially wondered about an Express take for her. However, yet again, she won me over with this book, and I have used it to so many times!


I had the luck of meeting David Lebovitz and obtain a signed copy of this book. This book is lively, filled with food of course, but also people, stories, and beautiful evocations of life in Paris. The food is diverse, traditional, delicious, and the recipes are great to follow. A great book to have and be inspired by. 


Un Po Da L'Italia

Another wonderful present - here shown in French, since it is the version I have. A classic, a reference to visit and revisit for any Italian dishes and Italian mood days. The recipes I have tried out of this voluminous book have all been great, delicious and easy to follow, from traditional to fresher dishes.

My kiddo was mesmerized by her when she appeared on the Food Network Channel, at the time when she published this book. We actually met her and got a copy signed by her at a book signing event. She was a pleasure to meet. This book does contain some very good pleaser recipes, some of which I now make from time to time.


Vegan Inspiration

As soon as I heard about this book, I was inspired to get a copy. A book about such a rich food culture not often written about, and a book from an author dedicated to food sustainability (and justice). Some recipes are a bit more involved than others but they will all guarantee a waow effect. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Bryant Terry in person and he was as great in person as through his writings.


Seasonal inspiration

Another lucky present from a friend who many years ago gifted it to me in all her wisdom. It was my first vegan recipe book , though I had had cooked some vegan dishes before. I've really enjoyed drawing inspiration from it. It also provides a number of useful explanations and tips for those new to vegan cooking.

Really lovely and heartfelt inspiration from a fellow blogger from Minneapolis: Amanda Paa at Heartbeet Kitchen. I have found some great ideas and recipes in her book, which I used during a Thanksgiving squash feast. The recipes are easy to follow and give delicious results. And Amanda has been a pleasure to interact with to boot!