Welcome to Morning Berries

Like a growing number of people with food sensitivities, I have had to be regularly careful about what I eat and pay attention to food types and sources. That has meant limiting dairies and wheat most days - a (the real!) paradox for a French born woman - and a few other things for me, and at some point, berries became a morning staple, hence the name. But I love to experiment with new ingredients, and/or just find an excuse to cook really. So I decided to create Morning Berries and share my experiments with gluten-free, dairy-free, and other ...-free ideas, and low FODMAP recipes.

I have also grown up with a deep respect for Farmers Markets: I love the convivial nature of Markets, the human contact and the more direct connection to food and food producers I find there. Some of the best dishes come from very few key ingredients (good, fresh produce speak for themselves), and Farmers Market finds make a great case for that culinary argument. So I also share my trips and finds at Farmers Markets and how they provide inspiration for weekly cooking. 

By the way: 

  • Ultimately, this blog is an account of my own personal experiences and opinions, a space where I share my ideas and inspirations and humbly hope they provide inspiration in other kitchens.
  • I do not participate in paid or unpaid solicitations to feature vendors or products on my blog, and all mentions of Farmers Market Vendors, cookbooks and other products in my blog posts are based on my own experience with them.
  • I participate in the IndieBound affiliate program, which also helps support independent bookstores and tried and true books I love and have cooked from. I also participate in the Apple affiliate program to share things of interest digitally.
  • If you wish to use any of the content or pictures on this blog for any purpose, please contact me!
  • Last but not least, let's not forget to mention one more about thing: I love chocolate